The 5 Major Aspects Of Marketing Process

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The 5 Major Aspects of the Marketing Process that Motivated Me the Most The primary objective of marketing is to design and present products to potential customers that match their needs and wants. In the marketing process every purchase is a unique journey. A consumer starts with a need, desire, impulse or inspiration (Kotler & Armstrong, 2014). The five major learning lesson about marketing process are: the steps that, the buying process in the marketing, and the serious steps that the consumers take to make purchasing decisions; the marketing process of establishing competitive advantage; the customer – driven marketing strategy, creating value for target customers; analyzation of the marketing environment and marketing…show more content…
The 5C analysis, which is: company, customers, competitors, collaborators, and climate. The PEST analysis which is micro-environmental, political, economic, societal, and technological factors. The SWOT analysis analyzes the company’s overall strengths (S) includes internal capability, resources, and positive situational factors that may help the company serve its customers and achieve its objective; weaknesses (W) includes internal limitations and negative situational factors that may interfere with the company’s performance; opportunities (O) are favorable factors, or trends in the external environment that the company may be able to exploit in its advantage; threats (T) are unfavorable external factors or trends that may present challenges to performance. The marketing environment consists of micro-environment and macro-environment. Micro-environment involves actions close to the company that affects its ability to serve its customers; those are: the company suppliers, marketing intermediaries, customers, competitors and public. Macro-environment consists of larger social forces such as: demographic, economic, natural technological, political and cultural forces (Kotler & Armstrong, 2014). The same is true and applied in career development or personal life; as Maslow’s hierarchy story states the most acceptable motivational analogy that human beings are motivated by their needs. The first step is identifying those needs, then, developing strategies for
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