The Affect Of Harassment On Adolescents Essay

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The affect of harassment on Adolescents
Children in the United States who experience harassment from grades seven through twelve are often affected in their school lives more so than children who have not dealt with harassment. According to Hill and Kearl (2011 pg. 3), harassment has been an unfortunate problem in high schools and middle schools in the United States. Harassment has a broad definition and has different meanings varying from state to state. Harassment for the purpose of this essay is referred to as annoying someone persistently and creating an unpleasant situation by uninvited and unwelcome verbal or physical conduct (Webster, 2016). Harassment can effect a students learning abilities thus causing academic failure within an adolescent. Students who participate in harassment along with their victims suffer from self-esteem issues throughout childhood.
Harassment has become a part of student’s daily life in grades seven through twelve according to Hill et al. (2011, pg. 2). Most of this harassment is in the form of verbal remarks which may include crude jokes, sexual comments, or obscene gestures to one another. Physical harassment is also common in addition to the more common verbal harassment. Harassment is harmful to both sexes but it is found to be more common in a particular sex. According to Hill et al., girls are harassed more often than boys and are more likely to be harassed through social media be that text, online, as well as in person
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