The Apple Inc. And Focuses On The Environmental Analysis Essay

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1. Introduction
This essay is introducing the Apple Inc. and focuses on the environmental analysis. Different environment can affect the company develop. In the recent year, the Apple Inc. publishes two new technologies which are the Apple Watch and Apple Pay. These are following the environmental to make this decision. The environment is divided by five parts which are technology, economic, social, regulation and ethics. According these five aspects to analysis the Apple Inc. Firstly, it introduces the Apple Inc. and writes a brief introduction. Secondly, it introduces these two new project and analysis them from the technology, economic and social aspects. At the end, write a brief about the regulation and ethical environment.

2. Apple Inc.

The Apple Inc. is a high-technology company in the USA. They research and develop the computer and phone in their company. They use their own system which is IOS and use in their product. The main products are iPhone, iPad, iPod and MacBook. They following the technology environment and constant renew and complete the products. The Apple Inc. has become the world’s biggest company for three consecutive years until 2014. In 2016, the latest ranking of the world’s top500, Apple ranked ninth. These articles will analysis the environment effect of the company when they are in the development. 3. The Apple watch and Apple pay In the September 2014, the Apple Inc. publishes new smart watches. They have three different types which is Apple

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