The Applicability of the Five Marketing Orientations to Avon Operations

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The applicability of the five marketing orientations to Avon operations:
Production Orientation focuses on the efficiency and quality of production, with little emphasis on marketing. Avon’s core competency is providing low cost beauty care products to individual customers via direct sales. Their edge over other beauty care companies is the variety and quality of their products. Avon’s cost savings come from decreased infrastructure as they do not maintain many actual stores and the savings derived from not having to purchase shelf space for their products. Although according to the text Avon is attempting to cut down the number of products they provide an overall stream lining into a few main products to achieve production efficiency …show more content…

The company follows sales orientation by providing discounts and bonuses for particular items that are selling well in the states, and the Avon sales reps are the bases of the sales orientation for the company as they have direct contact with the customers and know their wants and needs.
Social Orientation focuses on the effects of their products on all stakeholders. Avon’s direct connection with the customer negates the use of this orientation as the face of Avon in society is the local Avon Lady. This gives consumers the feeling of social connection with Avon as they believe that the Avon Lady is there to help them increase their beauty and would not do anything to harm society.

Avon’s dependence on the foreign market stems from the lack of consumers in North America. With the ability of most American women to obtain low priced beauty care products from a number of locations like Walmart, Walgreens, and local malls the need for Avon products is much less in the states as it is in the foreign market. With Avon’s expansion into the foreign market in 1989 they have grown at 7 percent annually confirming the reliance on the foreign market.
There are a number of socioeconomic and demographic changes that affect Avon not to mention the current global recession. For instance with the increase in working women, women have more discretionary funds to purchase products. This has created the

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