The Application Of Mobile Technologies For Public Health

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This study consists of two key health promotion features which are awareness creation and health seeking behavior and both translates to behavior change which is fundamental to effective practice of public health. The key elements that influences behavior change are raising awareness of a threat which motivates people to seek information with perception that a recommended positive response will prevent the threat from happening and personal confidence that the threat will be averted. The application of mobile technologies to health behavior interventions is rapidly growing and existing health behavior theories and models have served for many years as guide to eHealth researches, intervention development and delivery (Riley et al. 2011).Thus, the framework used to inform this study and its subsequent intervention is similar to models used in other successful eHealth researches. Since this study aims to educate and motivate health seeking behavior hence, the study’s framework is based on Health Belief Model (HBM) of behavior change and posits that behavior is determined by a number of beliefs about threats to an individual’s well-being and the outcomes of particular actions or behaviors (Alberta Health Services 2010). In the context of glaucoma awareness and health seeking behavior, the health belief model states that individuals are more likely to adopt eye health care behaviors when they believe that they are at-risk for glaucoma and take necessary action to prevent

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