The Architecture Style Of The South African Design Style

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This Essay will examine the South African design Style and whether it is a myth or reality. The characteristics that possibly represent the South African design style and the local vs global contrast in South Africa.
Many would question if South Africa has a unique design Style. As other countries have a unique design style for their country itself and to be known for that specific design style which influences others. The South African design style is not a unique style on its own but rather influenced by European architecture as the British colonized South Africa during the 17 century. The characteristics of South African architecture are as follows, modern style architecture is considered to be the only effective style in the 21 century
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The French have a lot of history in craftsmanship, in which is similar to South Africa and the use of their craftsman skills. The main elements would be the tall doors and Columns. Cape vernacular, the style is characterized by gables with conventional parapet walls and trimmed eaves with modern beams. Cape Dutch is a unique style of South African architecture .The front façade is always symmetrical, with a flat central gable that is decorated with plaster bands in a signature pattern. The houses typically set in the stunning scenic Cape Winelands, even though this style is supposedly know as a South African design style, it still is not a Design style that was born in south was originated in Germany and influenced by South Africans at the time and was brought to South Africa. Colonial Style architecture, although colonization had an impact on Africa, many Africans remain proud of the colonial style architecture that exists all over the continent. Typical colonial styles are white walls, slate roof, columns. The buildings are often arranged in groups of three, creating a formal and dignified symmetry. Some would say that the Cape Dutch style can be considered as a south African signature style…show more content…
Without doubt South Africa is regarded as a world leader in ‘slow design’, a movement which changes design and craft in a sustainable way in which celebrates diversity and variety. In an African context the similarities between craft, design and art are obvious, “Cultural practice here has changed due to colonial pressures over time, and in so doing, traditional art/craft/ritual/functional/spiritual/tribal/social/ spaces have all been mixed together.”( Heath Nash,
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