The Attack On Pearl Harbor

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Pearl Harbor
American Public University
Dr. Thomas Ward
August 22, 2015

December 7th, 1941 will forever be remembered. The day after this attack President Roosevelt gave a speech to congress (Roosevelt, 1941). December 7th is the day that the Japanese bombed Pearl Harbor and forever changed the course of the war. While the United States had many reasons to enter the war, the attack on Pearl Harbor was what finally drew them into the war. The Japanese thought attacking Pearl Harbor would cripple the United States ability to produce ships to support allied countries, and cripple the United States military. The United States had remained neutral up until this point. This atrocious attack was what finally brought the United States into World War II.
In 1939 much of the United States population, politicians, and media were isolationist. They felt the best interest of the United States was to stay out of the business of other countries, but the United States and Great Britain had many common beliefs and interests. Much of the population did not like our involvement in World War I. Many wanted to focus on national issues and stay out of foreign affairs. The general population disliked the idea of war, much less had any enthusiasm for it. President Roosevelt saw that the war in Europe was a threat to the United States safety. He sought out ways to help the allies without getting to involved and upsetting the population. In 1939, there was a hard

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