The Balance Of Power : Energy Management For Server Blusters

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1) Chase, J., & Doyle, R. (2001, May). Balance of power: Energy management for server clusters. In Proceedings of the 8th Workshop on Hot Topics in Operating Systems (HotOS) (Vol. 200, No. 1). This paper discussed the Conscious Server Switching for low load. It proposed the idea of routing request to the server based on pre-determined server selection policy. The conscious server switching monitor cluster load and request traffic and schedule the load on minimal possible servers to fulfil the response time request and keeping rest of the servers in sleep mode for managing better energy utilization. The idea used static scheduling algorithm for Load balancing for maintaining energy efficiency of data servers. 2) Farahnakian, F., …show more content…

(2015, April). Process-level power estimation in VM-based systems. In Proceedings of the Tenth European Conference on Computer Systems (p. 14). ACM. This paper talks about implementation of VM based power meter named BITWATTS which can be used to get process level power estimation in a virtualized environment. 5) PowerAPI. Retrieved October 04, 2017, from Website for powerAPI, an open source software-defined power meter, developed by the Spirals Research Group. 6) Noureddine, A., Bourdon, A., Rouvoy, R., & Seinturier, L. (2012, June). A preliminary study of the impact of software engineering on greenit. In Green and Sustainable Software (GREENS), 2012 First International Workshop on (pp. 21-27). IEEE. This paper is talking about monitoring energy consumption by system level processes using tools such as powerAPI. PowerAPI is a tool which can give power consumption per process based on CPU, networking etc. parameters. This paper evaluates eight implementations of Tower of Hanoi problem in different programming languages and slight variation in the algorithm. 7) Desrochers, S., Paradis, C., & Weaver, V. M. (2016, October). A Validation of DRAM RAPL Power Measurements. In Proceedings of the Second International Symposium on Memory Systems (pp. 455-470). ACM. This paper validates newly introduced DRAM Running Average Power Limit(RAPL) interface of Intel on Desktop and Haswell machine on both DDR3 and CCR4 memory. RAPL is an

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