The Benefits Of Search Engine Optimincy

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Simple Tweaks to reduce bounce rate by 50%
A website’s rank is dependent on many factors. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is done in regular basis to maintain the ranking. There are two types of SEO and those are On-page and Off-page SEO. Bounce rate comes under Off-page SEO and it is better to have less bounce rate. The amount of time user spends on your website is taken into consideration by Google search engine and it decides whether to use that page for showing in the next searches. It is pretty important that the content is unique and design of website is user friendly. Let’s discuss some tweaks to reduce the bounce rate.
A big “NO” for pop up advertisements:
• We need to place advertisements in the websites to generate revenue. More …show more content…

Once their problem is solved, if related posts are shown in the side bar of webpage, then there is a 80% chance that they will click that link to find out. This results in users spending time in your website. Google Analytics will record the time spent because this data is one of the factors used for rankings.
• If the data is good and visitors giving positive response by spending time, then search engine will pick this webpage for the next set of users who query the same question or related questions. Algorithms used in search engine find for websites that fulfill all their requirements and the top sites to maintain those will be picked to be displayed in search engine results. Bounce rate is reduced with users spending more time in your pages.
Websites and Blogs should be responsive:
• Smart phones have become an important part of our life. Many apps to reduce the burden of work have come and most of the people now-a-days search for information from mobiles rather than computers. It is very important for the websites to be responsive.
• If the website is not responsive, then surely visitor leaves without any second thought. It is a fact that responsive design is tough with more content and ads but the designer have to take this duty and design in a minimalist way possible.

A few more techniques to reduce bounce rate:
• Google keeps track of websites with Google Analytics code. In that code, there is a timer that is by default set to 15 seconds. That is the

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