The Caps Test Is An Instrument Administered For Career Assessment

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The CAPS test is an instrument administered for career assessment, the assessment relates to occupational abilities. In order for this test to be considered reliable, it must be consistent in that it measures what it suppose to measure (Knapp, Knapp, & Knapp-Lee, 1992, p. 40), which is occupational abilities. I believe that the CAPS test has acceptable reliability, if the test is re-administered in two weeks, my results are bound to be similar due to the timing and length of the test. The timing and length reduced my chances of memorizing the content of the test. On the other hand, to have validity, a test must measure what it purports to measure (Hays, 2013, p. 96). In my opinion, the CAPS has fairly acceptable validity, but lacks face validity in that it does not look like it measures occupational abilities but educational abilities. However, face validity does not prove as evidence of validity (Hays, 2013, p. 97). I believe the CAPS has fairly acceptable validity, considering that it fairly predicts appropriate careers to explore according to the test taker’s results and suggested career groups. I was nervous during the first half of administrating the CAPS. I knew that I had to strictly follow the administration instructions. I was afraid that I would somehow negatively affect the test taker’s results. Towards the second half, it was quite fun as I began to feel more comfortable as the administrator. Also, knowing that this was practice eased my anxiety. After

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