The Changing Market Of Job Market Essay

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As I read the article by PwC, it states the importance of societal value has when recruiting for potential employees for their company. The article states that, “In a survey of 1,409 chief executive officers (CEOs), 69% said their organization’s purpose is focused on societal value.” This reveals how significant and important societal values have on people. The statistics of this statement is credible because it surveyed 1,409 CEOs which means that this reasoning is a evidence of the changing market of job market. What these companies value from previous years to now is a lot different. The fast pace market is influencing the job market tremendously. Newly innovated technology is another key factor in the business world. These new inventions are allowing companies and business to interact and engage in a much more convenient way. Although the newly developed technology is making it a lot more easier for business to run, the people and the employers still play a notable part in the business. I believe that human interaction is one of the key aspects to success in the working environment and outside of work. From the discussion of values in class, I have learned and realize the importance of personal values in all areas of my life. I have defined my values into 2 categories. One is the physical values and the other is interpersonal values. My physical values include hardworking, professional, and efficiency. My interpersonal values include honesty, respect, and teamwork. I

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