The Collaborative Leadership And Decision Making Essay

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The fourth topic was the collaborative leadership and decision making. The topic showed that people make wrong decisions because they do not have enough choices to consider and sometimes, people are not carefully analyzed. People choose decisions based on inquiry and advocacy. An inquiry decision is a decision that is chosen when people have enough information, and have evidence to support and to prove the information. For example, when I made the decision to study in Canada, before I chose Canada. I found much information from many agencies about other countries, but I chose here because after I graduate, I can receive the work permit to work here for three years. This is an opportunity which other countries do not have. For an advocacy decision, people choose a decision because their prefer solutions. The ways to transfer from advocacy decisions to inquiry decisions by 3C’s; a conflict, a consideration and a closure. For a conflict, it helps to focus on cognitive thinking more than emotional thinking. The cognitive thinking helps people have to think, to analyze and to eliminate emotion when make decisions. When people have emotion to select decisions, most results are not the best decisions. The consideration, a leader should have an active listening, open mind; listen other viewpoints and have an ability to share a logic information. The last is closure, a leader needs to know when he or she should close a communication. If a leader does not know how to end a

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