The Collaborative Teacher Education Program At The University Of Massachusetts Amherst

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I am honored to be applying for the Collaborative Teacher Education Program at the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Becoming a teacher is a career path that I did not consider taking until recently. When I entered college, I did so as an undeclared student. My goal was not only to secure a job after college, but also find a career where I will be happy for the next 50 years. I decide to settle on economics, because I found the subject matter to be very pertinent and useful. However I never wanted to be an economist or a banker, I just really enjoyed the classes. Two summers ago, I worked for one of the largest camps in Massachusetts: the Metro West YMCA Day Camp. Though it was one of the more challenging jobs I have ever had, it was also the most rewarding ones. I returned home every day filthy and exhausted. However I always came home with a smile, and greater appreciation for the wonders of youth. Following this great experience, I decided to begin applying for education programs in order to receive a teaching license in Elementary Education and a Master’s in Elementary Education. Education is a field that allows me to fulfill my goal of finding a job where I could make a difference and a lasting impact. Through education I can help develop the next generation, and mold them into better citizens for tomorrow. My purpose in becoming an educator is to have a career with meaning. Throughout my education process, my teachers have always had a great impact on me. They
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