The Connection Between Sleep And One Specific Kind Of Performance

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This research study was designed to examine the connection between sleep and one specific kind of performance, which is academic performance, among university students. This chapter framework the methodology that can be practical to attain the goal and objectives of the research study. Therefore, suitable preparation and thorough analysis are compulsory in planning the methodology procedure to get the expected result. A self-report questionnaire was utilized in this research study to measure sleep-related variables and educational performance, of university students. Population and sample The population designated for this research study was second year and third year undergraduate students at a private university called Sunway …show more content…

Simple random sample is a random sample, for example, group chosen from an entire population such that every member of the population has an equal and independent chance of being selected in a single sample (White & Mcburney, 2013). A total of 2,651 undergraduate students were selected for this study, 1,537 males and 1,114 females. 
 Data collection An online questionnaire was chosen as the method for data collection given the popularity and convenience of the Internet for students. The method selected for the data collection was an online questionnaire instead of printing questionnaire because of the suitability, popularity and convenience of the Internet for the university students. The questionnaire was obtained from a previous research study conducted in Iowa State University (…………………). Selected sections and questions were chosen from the questionnaire. The questionnaire was divided into three different sections, which are: demographic, sleep habits and quality and academic performance. The scholars designed the demographic section based on a review of associated literature and the demographic data was utilized to determine if the required target audiences was reached. The researchers have adopted all the items from the Pittsburgh Sleep Quality Index (PSQI) for the sleep habits and sleep quality section. The PQSI was found consistent (Cronbach’s alpha = .80) and valid and was also utilized in preceding related research study (Backhaus, Junghanns,

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