The Consequences Of Noting In Much Ado About Nothing

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“Speak low, if you speak love.” (Shakespeare, 43) Much Ado About Nothing, written by William Shakespeare in the early 1600’s, is a Shakespearean comedy. Noting refers to the act of noticing or overhearing. In Much Ado About Nothing, noting is used by the characters to gossip, eavesdrop, and intentionally mislead one another. Noting leads to many consequences in Much Ado About Nothing, a few of these being when, Antonio and Borachio overhear the same conversation, Benedict and Beatrice are tricked into love, Claudio and Don Pedro witness the mock love scene, and the watchmen overhear a conversation between Borachio and Conrade. The first instance in which noting is used is when Antonio and Borachio overhear the same conversation and use it to their advantages. This can be scene in Act 1, Scene 2 when Antonio says, “The prince and Count Claudio, walking in a thick-pleached alley in mine orchard, were thus much overheard by a man of mine:…show more content…
Whether it be on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, etc. there is always some type either bullying or whatever people want to call it taking place. An instance in which the noting that takes place in Much Ado About Nothing and social media now could be similar would be seeing a picture of two people kissing compared to actually witnessing it in person as they do in Much Ado About Noting. Just because it is centuries later and things have become more evolved since that time period, does not mean people have learned what is right and wrong. Today it is much easier to do these types of things because technology has been advanced enormously. In addition it is easier because people are not face to face with someone most times while doing these things. Even though it happened long ago and is still happening today with the strict rules and laws, it will never not be a
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