The Constitution Of The United States

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The Constitution of the United States is actually an illusion for elites to take advantage and dominate the country’s way of politics. When the Framers organized the United States Constitution, they were intended to create a stabilized system of government in a manner that was still accountable yet powerful. Keep in mind that the founding fathers mostly consisted of white men who wanted to protect their property. The establishment of the separation of powers and checks and balances, for example, served a purpose to make sure that not one branch was too overpowering and that each branch had certain limits and powers over another. However, the intended purpose of these systems continue to serve most of its general purpose in our current …show more content…

Many people already don’t have a strong relationship as of today with the government. Over the span of the time, trust in government in 1960 was a little over 70 percent, then eventually it plummeted down fluctuating over the years to about 19 percent as of 2015. The main idea here is that there is truly distrust going on within the system of our government which means that many of us Americans today already can sense that the people don’t have that much power over the government as opposed to elitists. Checks and balances are effective in a way that allows each branch to limit each other’s power in order to prevent one from overpowering the other. Within this system, the electoral college was formed in order to allow equal representation in smaller states as well as preventing a tyrant from becoming president by accumulating power in numbers—which was what the founding fathers of the Constitution feared. But, is it really necessary? Does it really keep a close relationship between the people and the government? What it seems like here is that the use of the electoral college is creating distrust, allowing the elites in the system to dominate the system. When people think of the way government works, they view it as a share of powers between the people and government where both sides get to voice their own opinion. However, that’s not the case

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