The Crucible Of Life Has Provided Me With An Epistemological System

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Reading The Crucible of Life has provided me with an epistemological system to begin my journey into serious theological contemplation. I have thoroughly enjoyed thinking about the interrelationship of reason, experience, and scripture. Foremost, the relationship of reason and experience has proved highly. Understanding the ways in which reason and experience relate to each other is a tricky concept indeed and it is one that I look to in order to discern the process of learning in general. It is this process that allows learning to occur.
Also, this process must begin at some point. This point, as suggested by Wesley, begins with the authoritative information of scripture for trans-sensory understanding and it has been interesting for me
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I do not buy into this distinction and I do believe that an authoritative canon adequately deals with the interaction problem. Any further questions about reality itself do not effect us and, therefore, are meaningless to us.
Additionally, the realization of an overly pragmatic theology found in chapter nineteen proved interesting; especially in consideration of Wesley’s Experiential Theology. We mustn’t become overly skeptical in our beliefs if we wish to discover as many new ideas that we possibly can. In this case, the best option would be the option that does not rule out an option unless logical necessity urges otherwise. We must remain consistent in our analysis of the hermeneutical spiral if we wish to continue through it in an appropriate, reasonable way. This sort of idea holds true for any hermeneutical process, but it is especially significant in the method that Wesley offers because of its reliance on correct understanding for scriptural, and then experiential, interpretation. Improper interpretation can lead to drastically false beliefs if carried on for too long.
Correspondingly, we must apply the most accurate and consistent experience in order to receive the results that more accurately point towards truth in Wesley’s system. So, if we wish to perform Wesley’s method in the most probable fashion to produce truth known to humankind, we must provide the hermeneutical process with the
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