The Current Academic Culture At The University Of Houston

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The basis for implementing this survey is on the current academic culture at the University of Houston – Victoria campus. Teaching and the use of technological enhanced instructional methods for the use in face-to-face classes appears to be a highly discussed topic. After over-hearing a collection of snippets of faculty dialog by the water cooler, from what I gather. It appears that there is not any real consensus with the use of technology-enhanced instruction and increasing students learning outcomes in face-to-face classes. Upon reflection, an investigation of this matter would definitely be of interest to myself, but also, a possible benefit to the faculty as well. Honestly, when beginning this investigation, there was not a clear-cut focus. Concepts like student success, technology enhancement, and efforts by the faculty were themes of the investigation. This where Grounded Theory comes to the rescue, it is from my lack of planning. I opine that Grounded Theory comes in handy when one has no clue what they are doing. Just collect a bunch of data, and play with the numbers. If one is lucky, maybe there are one or two significant correlations in the data mix. All one needs to do is make up some BS hypothesis to explain the correlation(s), and publish your results. On a final note, I made no efforts to determine if an instrument for this study was available publicly. This is due to my narcissistic demeanor, which I felt that I possessed all of the requisite skills and
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