The Current Fleet Of Taxi’S Your Company Is Operating With

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The current fleet of taxi’s your company is operating with is made up of Toyota Corollas, which have internal combustion engines that require gas to be powered. These gas-powered engines are going to become very problematic for your business because of rising gas prices. Not only will these gas powered vehicles become more expensive to operate but with more and more people becoming concerned about the environment business will be lost to people seeking a more sustainable method of transportation. The following report suggests solutions to eliminate the costs of fueling internal combustion vehicles while making your business become more sustainable. Problem Background With the worlds current state two problems will start…show more content…
Criteria The following criteria will be used to evaluate the three potential solutions to determine the superior solution. The first criteria to evaluate will be the cost of each vehicles base model. The second criterion is the range of each vehicle has after a fully charged battery. The final criteria that will be used to evaluate each vehicle will be the efficiency of each of the vehicles. Criterion A The first criterion used to evaluate the three vehicles is the base model price for each vehicle. The base model being the cost to purchase the standard model of each vehicle so to reduce cost as much as possible the least expensive base model is the most desirable. The first solution being the Ford Focus Electric was evaluated to have a base model price of $29,120. The second solution being the Nissan LEAF was evaluated to have a model price of $ 30 680. The Third solution being the KIA Soul EV was evaluated to have a base model price of $ 35 950. Therefore after evaluation it can be seen that under criterion A that the Ford Focus Electric has the least expensive base price where the Kia Soul Ev has the most expensive base price and the Nissan Leaf falls in-between the two other vehicles. Note all values were recorded from and do not incorporate any taxes. See Fig. 1 for values Criterion B The Second criterion used to evaluate the three vehicles is the range each vehicle has after a fully
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