The Dangers And Cons Of Animal Testing On Animals

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Animal testing is the use of animals in efforts to understand how the human body reacts and behaves in different conditions. Animals are used as substitutes to humans in finding the solutions and reactions that occur when we come in contact with items used everyday. Some of these items include cosmetics, household cleaning supplies, certain food preservatives, supplements, and medicine. These animals are also used in testing big medical advancements like chemo. Almost all of the test are performed in medical schools, establishments of military defense, Universities, laboratories and in biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies. “Most animals used by scientists in conducting different tests or researches are mostly reared for these reasons in laboratories” (Christopher). The animals undergoing these tests aren't your everyday household pets. They are animals such as rats and sometimes monkeys. According to Colin Blakemore, author of Should We Experiment on Animals “Biologically, we are similar to species such as mice and rats, because we have practically the same set of genes. Their bodies respond to disease and treatments much as ours do. If a genetically modified "purple tomato" can fight cancer in mice, as announced yesterday, it might work for humans, too’’ (Blakemore 2017). With any argument there are multiple sides, for against and then the ones who are for the issue with certain restrictions. This who are for animal testing argue that computers aren't as accurate

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