The Dangers Of The School Dress Code

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The dress code has been regulated in many schools for many years. However, there are people who oppose this topic and those who are for it. Schools must implement the dress code to help the students become a student role model. Schools should prohibit students from wearing outrageous clothing for their safety. Females nowadays, dress “too sexy” for their age and that can put them in dangerous situations. Males or females wearing uniforms can lessen the number of them being assaulted. Cities with alarming crime rates possess a threat to the young women who like to dress flashy, putting them in danger from men or women who have no self-restraint. Setting a dress code can help identify unknown people on campus due to not wearing the uniform. As any parent, they wouldn't want their own child to be 'a meal for the hungry beasts’ and having the school side with them would show the students that they must over for their safety. When schools implement school uniforms, the students are in a safer environment, they can learn discipline from wearing uniforms, and acts as a social equalizer. Regulating a dress code throughout the schools can help keep its students safe from harm. In today's time, there are many threats that children are exposed to in school and out of school. For example, in case of a lockdown, “Outsiders who do not belong on campus are easily identified, and thus, do not pose a great threat to the students.” (Chen p.3) Having the students wear uniforms can assist in
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