The Day To Day Life Of A Student

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Get ready for school, pack your bags do not forget breakfast, go to school, make sure you finish your homework and ace those tests. The day to day life of a student is quite hard. Time management is the most necessary tool a student can have in life. The ability to schedule and make time for everything that needs to be done can help reduces stress that results from unorganization. Students have a heavy workload including homework from several classes and studying for tests throughout the year plus finals at the end of each semester. When you add a sport to the mix the amount of responsibility increases. A student athlete is expected to be at practice and games giving their all and to get their schoolwork done to maintain good grades. Student athletes have the same responsibilities as non student athletes plus the added workload of practices and games.
Mornings are hectic for just about everyone. While every student just wants to be able to sleep in they are expected to get up and get to school on time. As the non student athlete stumbles around trying to get their tired self dressed, teeth brushed, hair brushed, and makeup, if applicable. They are also expected to eat, pack their bags, and get to school on time. Breakfast is a nutritional factor that is needed in the morning but often forgotten. People tend to be rushing in the morning and forget that it is an important meal that one should not go without. When not forgotten though it adds minutes to the already ticking

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