The Decision Of Complete School

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The decision to complete school is never easy, especially if you have been out of the classroom for as long as I have. For me, it has been well over 15 years. I have been intimidated to commit to enrolling for many reasons. Everything from the enrollment process, how to pay, and for me, the most frightening aspect, will I be able to handle the material. With all these fears weighing on my mind, I put off enrolling in a school year after year. However, when I suffered a career ending medical condition, it became apparent, I need to get my degree, and I needed it yesterday. Growing up in New York City, to a stay at home mother and a police officer father, in the 80 's and 90 's; the only rule in my family was to complete high school and to apply to every civil service, city job offered. However, I had other plans, at the age of fifteen, I found a job as a plumber 's apprentice. Well, in my mind, I had my life in order, life, on the other hand, had an entirely different plan. My first child was born just a week after I turned eighteen and she needed more than my meager salary could handle. This lead me to have to make a hard choice; to I go to school for a degree or do I join the military? Being I needed the job and benefits faster than attending college could provide; the military was the logical answer. Now, everything is right in the world; I am active duty Coast Guard; my, now, two children have a wonderful home and attend the best schools. I advanced quickly through the

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