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The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) currently has a limited ability to persistently monitor, detect, and track, non-emitting vessels that operate in Customs Waters, which spans from the shore line out to 12 nautical miles. The volume of non-emitting vessels without metadata is due in part by the lack of regulatory policy mandating vessels broadcast their identification and location which would assist with Maritime Domain Awareness. This limited ability situates DHS in need to mature the Maritime Domain Awareness Network and optimize the existing infrastructure and allows for flexibility to expand and evolve as the threat changes.
The maritime domain is vast in scope and challenging in complexity due to the volume of non-emitting …show more content…

At the strategic level I developed an operational plan that consisted of AMOC’s Project and Plans, Operations, and Systems Directorates, AMO Headquarters (HQ) Test and Evaluation (T&E), and the South East Region to participate in the Maritime Lab Demonstration. The Maritime Lab intends to demonstrate the use of a tethered aerostat outfitted with a maritime radar to improve maritime security operations. The demonstration will also include the use of the Minotaur Mission Management System to share surveillance data among aircraft, vessels and command centers. I developed the desired Critical Operational Issues for the Maritime Lab with the Program Manager Rob Brown. The plan I provided consisted of roles and responsibilities, action items, goals and expectations of activities during the maritime demonstration. As the Lead Maritime Operational Representative for Customs and Border Protection, and Deputy Project Manager for the Dark Vessel Detection Project (DVD-P), I initiated the activity to develop a maritime sensor database and coordinated with DHS components and offices with maritime equities to ensure inclusion as the database is developed. I queried the United States Coast Guard, United States Border Patrol, and National Maritime Intelligence-Integration Office to obtain their functional needs in using the maritime

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