The Development of an Artificial Life based Software Ecosystem Model

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The behavior of a solution or a service can be analyzed by taking into account the interaction between the components of the software. These interactions can be analyzed by developing a framework based on Artificial Life. This calls for the development of an Artificial Life based Software Ecosystem model. This paper proposes a framework using Artificial Life in the Software Ecosystem. In order to find the gaps in the existing methodologies, extensive literature review has been carried out. It was found that the interest in the topic has been on the increase and the advent of professional Ecosystems has helped popularizing the phenomenon. However, the present framework do not use the data related to evolution of the Software for later stages. The proposed methodology would pave way of Artificial Life in Software Ecosystem.
1. INTRODUCTION A Software Ecosystem (SE) considers developers, clients, operating system, underlying hardware and other peripheral components. A SE considers the concept of evolution of the software in the same way as the evolution of a natural ecosystem. It has been pointed out by many researchers that considering the system’s evolution would lead to a better and comprehensive analysis of the software which would ultimately help in management and development of new versions. The point can be understood by the following analogy. If we consider that evolution of a human being, then what humans have done in order to achieve, what they have been able to
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