The Different Development Stages

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First and foremost, it is critical to agnize and determine the paramountcy of the different development stages throughout infancy that include, but not constrained to, the following: physical, cognitive, social/personality development. Equally important, it is crucial to understand the major cultural values, beliefs, behaviors correlate with a favorable development for the aforementioned stages. Certainly, I have observed a contrast on the different results that an infant experiences, predicated on the quality of development, offered by parents in two individual instances with two close family members. On the one hand, a cousin named Andrew — in this case, I will not provide his real name, and will call him “Andrew”— had the full support …show more content…

Not to mention, Carlos’ mother would provide a babysitter to take care of Carlos, but would nonetheless not equate the amount of affection the biological mother essentially provides. As noted, the quality of the aforementioned important developmental stages in both cases differ in a drastic manner, which is essentially influenced by parents and the social environment provided.

Cognitive Development
In an attempt to deconstruct the phenomenon affecting the aforementioned individuals, one must understand how important “[t]he processes that allow people to know, understand, and think about the world” are essential in order to have a favorable overall infant development. As described above on the first case, it is safe to say that Andrew is potentially more likely to acquire a better cognitive development due to the fact that Andrew was more exposed to beneficial practices. The fact that Andrew’s parents read books and played classical music for him, simultaneously benefits his spatial-temporal reasoning—related to the cognitive psychology spectrum. At the same time, the fact that Andrew’s parents allowed him to interact with other individuals, inevitably benefits Andrew’s cognitive development—sociocultural theory (Feldman, 29). On the other hand, the lack of support and care by Carlos’ mother causes a major impact on Carlos’ cognitive development. How? It is necessary for parents to be attentive with their children at all times with the

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