The Difficulty Of Producing One Definition Of Methodology

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Clough and Nutbrown (2007, p.32) discuss the difficulty of producing one definition of methodology, as every researcher will “offer slightly differing definitions according to their own training, discipline and purposes.” However, Burton, Brundrett and Jones (2014, p.6) provide a basic overview, stating that methodology “focuses upon the identification of sources of evidence and how such evidence might be gathered”.

My research project will have a case study research design, which will lead to me gaining qualitative data. Qualitative data, along with the case study design, ties in with my aims the most as I am seeking to understand, in ample detail, what attitudes to learning are prevalent in Key Stage One, and also how those attitudes …show more content…

My sample will include between fifty and sixty, Year One and Two, pupils who will be observed in the classroom. Additionally, my sample will also include between ten and twenty members of Key Stage One staff, who I will informally interview about their views on attitudes towards learning in Key Stage One.

The data collection methods that I have opted to use for my project, have all been specifically chosen and designed to present me with the best chance of obtaining a detailed scope of data. One of my data collection methods is informal interviews, which will, hopefully, give me an accurate insight into the views of Key Stage One staff; who have experienced differing attitudes towards learning. Informal interviews are most suited to my project as Fraenkel, Wallen and Hyun (2014, p.449) discuss how informal interviews can resemble casual conversations whilst allowing the researcher to “find out what people think and how the views of one individual compare with those of another”.

Another data collection method, that I have chosen, is observations of the pupils. Firstly, I will ask the teacher of the class if any of the pupils have any learning difficulties, as Hannell (2014, pp.212-215) raises the fact that learning difficulties and/or differences can have an immense effect on attitudes towards learning. If any of the pupils have got any learning difficulties/differences, this will be

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