The Digital Age And The Age Of Information Technology

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The twenty-first century is known as the digital age and the age of information technology. In today’s digital world, students need to be fluent in the use of technology in order to be successful global citizens and educators need to facilitate this need. The use of technology in classrooms will allow for the integration of the four C’s, four critical skills necessary for the modern day student. The Partnership for 21st Century Learning lists these skills as communication, collaboration, critical thinking, and creativity, all of which may be effectively taught to students using technology (2017). As New Jersey is a state where the four C’s have been adopted, it is essential that parents, and the school community at large, support the …show more content…

Teachers will also be able to use programs like Formative and Desmos which allow students to respond to questions in a variety of ways such as drawing, typing, graphing, etc. and allow teachers to provide students with “real-time intervention” as they complete their work (Formative, 2017). Additionally, TenMarks, an adaptive learning program provides students with customized practice material to target each student’s individual needs. All of these tools and more will be available to support classroom learning. A Bring Your Own Device program will also promote continuous engagement from the moment students walk in the door, allowing for an interactive classroom environment. An Oklahoma State University study showed that 75% of students agreed that the ipad enhanced their learning (2011). With devices, students will have no choice but to be one-hundred percent immersed in the subject matter. Devices also solve the issue of managing large class sizes. Often times, teachers will find it difficult to ensure all students receive adequate attention, however, with the help of devices, teachers can ensure every student will receive one-hundred percent attention, one-hundred percent of the time. The implementation of this program will also help to strengthen students’ performance character, what Thomas Lickona and Matthew Davidson define “as the qualities necessary to achieve one’s potential in endeavors ranging

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