The Dilemma Facing Pressure Verizon

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The Dilemma One dilemma Smith faces centers around the pressure Verizon is putting on Motorola to make design changes that could affect the product launch date, volume, and potential sales. Another unique challenge Smith faces is leading a team comprised of departments representing different project outcome and communication needs (Sawhney, Miniati, Junsoo, & Goodman, 2014). Smith’s ability to lead a cohesive and productive team affects a number of stakeholders including the CEO, VP of Product Development, department heads and their teams, the Verizon Droid team, and end-users. Cohesive Team Since this is a challenge that affects all departments in the war room (and beyond), the problem itself transcends any one departmental solution. Thus, a collective resolution is tantamount to team success. The United Nations has a process during crisis situations that brings diverse groups together to solve critical issues promptly. The process, known as a Crisis Room, consists of 5 components: Introduction, Preparation, Integration, Communication, and Creativity/Flexibility. The first action that needs to take place is to introduce the clear purpose of the meeting: to “reach a consensus decision” about how to move forward. Even though each department head has been notified of the situation, each stakeholder may understand it differently. This is the time to place the crisis in context, as well as establish the parameters of the meeting. Just as in Patrick Lencioni 's book "Silos,

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