The Effect Of Aerobic Exercise On Aerobic Capacity

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The body constantly needs energy to work. This energy, at the cellular level, supplied in the form of chemical potential energy stored in ATP needs to be regeneration in order to fuel more cellular activity and this can be done aerobically or anaerobically(Astrand 1956). Energy to sustain high intensity workouts cannot eventually be fully supported by anaerobic pathways, resulting in an increased reliance on aerobic metabolism (Bogdanis et al. 1996). The level of fitness to carry out anaerobic exercises may be influenced by aerobic capacity (Kaikkonen et al.2000, Tomlin and Wegner 2011).

By discovering the relationship between anaerobic fitness and aerobic fitness. It should be possible for athletes to think about taking an advantage by distributing their physical energy during a match properly or, for any individuals to understand or make their personal fitness program.

The aim of this study is to compare the maximum number of push-ups achieved by tested individuals against their change in pulse rate measure before and after a moderate step-up exercise; and determine how the ability of anaerobic fitness influences aerobic exercise.

It was predicted that being anaerobically fit do not assist in aerobic exercise.

Refer to the School of Biological Sciences (2015).
See Appendix 1 for Null and Alternate hypotheses
There is a total of 137 tested individuals involved. There are 49 observations who did less than 25 push-ups and a number of 88

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