The Effect Of Low Ph On Enzyme Activity

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Final Applied Lab Project: The effect of low pH on Enzyme Activity
Thomas Long
Biology 6380: Introduction to Biology (2155)
Summer Semester Final Applied Lab Project

What are Enzymes?
Enzymes are proteins that initiate change. The enzymes found in the human body are naturally occurring. They catalyze, or accelerate, all normal biochemical reactions in the body. Enzymes are responsible for all metabolic functions and many are vital for life itself. These proteins are highly specific regarding what they do and under what conditions they do it (2015, Enzyme Institution). Similar to a glove and a hand, the enzyme and substrate must fit correctly in order to work.
The reactions within cells are catalyzed by a specific type of proteins known as enzymes. Enzymes catalyze the rate of a specific reaction by recuing the amount of energy needed to get the chemical reaction started or the activation of energy. The activity of these enzymes is dependent upon several different things including the shape of the molecule, and specifically the concentration of the enzyme and substrate (hydrogen peroxide). This laboratory exercise will be conducted under a controlled environment to determine the influence of pH on the enzyme catalase.
Pre Lab Questions
1. What do you expect to happen to the chicken when you add to the hydrogen peroxide?

I expect the hydrogen peroxide to react as an acid to the chicken and bubble or dissolve over time.

2. What is hydrogen

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