The Effect Of Poor Nutrition On The Student 's Academic Achievements

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Introduction The purpose of this research paper is to examine the impact of poor nutrition on the Student’s academic achievements. Therefore, this chapter presents and describes the methodology that is used in completing this research paper. The methodology will include the systematic as well as theoretical analysis of methods that will be applied in collecting data, and this is significant in proving whether the hypotheses have been confirmed or not. Inappropriately describe the methodology used in this paper, the following components of research methodology will be used; selection of the study site, participants, tools to be used, the procedure to be used to collect data, data analysis and the summary of the findings. Methodology The …show more content…

A teacher may also volunteer to participate in the survey by collecting the data from the students and delivering it to us. It is important for the participants being interviewed, to be honest on the matter being investigated to enable collection of accurate data. Method and Instrumentation To collect data from the subjects the method and instrumentation that will be used will receive the questionnaires that will be issued to the students and some of the teachers. These close-ended questionnaires will be used in data collection from the students that were selected to participate in the study. This kind of instrument will question the student about the type of food they are given at school and when they are at home, their participation in classroom and their class performance. The second type of instrument that will be used to collect data for the study is the performance observation checklist. This type of instrumentation will be used to check the progress records of the students which will in return used applied in determining those students who have high or low performance in academics. Checking the progress of the students using the performance observation checklist will be achieved by evaluating the general performance of the subjects as stipulated in the progress records of every term that are being kept by the school. The third instrumentation that will be used in this study is the Anthropometric assessment sheet. This type of instrumentation is a physical

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