The Effects Of Advertising On The Society

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Promotion is evident everywhere we go, but can the endless bashing result in it all turning counterproductive? In numerous marketing platforms and regions one can find advertisers playing the role of the bully. Egotistic, maybe even narcissistic qualities run true for most companies in this day in age. Competition has been present since the day all living things existed. It is the foundation of any healthy economy or market; conversely competition can go too far or form into something entirely different. In addition, some companies will do anything to boost sales even if that means sacrificing common etiquette or logic to the masses and against their rivals. Advertising is always evolving and adapting, and for now companies and their advertisers through their advertisements are appearing more cynical and critical by the day.

Competition has been a motivating force since man was created. It is a driving pressure that one is better than the other. The way companies approach this tactic is what strikes me the most. The word Egotistic comes to mind when I think of advertisers. As I aspire to become one myself, I do notice a trend in today 's strategies. Bullying around other companies has become prominent. If the leader of that portion of the market knows they have a big upper hand, they will exploit it and stomp on the others in any way they can. To represent this I used an ad from Directv which claims it is better than Dish simply based off of the amount of people who
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