The Effects Of Climate Change On The Environment Essay

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Recently, global temperature is without a doubt increasing, and there is a very powerful chance that the reason for the heat range change is man made pollution. The alleged cause of this climatic change is the development of carbon dioxide, which blocks solar heat and keeps it from radiating out of the weather.
Carbon footprint is a way to evaluate the effect that human actions have on the surroundings through the exhaust of green house gas, carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide and chlorofluorocarbon are associated with environment changes and have an effect on the entire atmosphere. Specifically, the more reliant we are on non-renewable energy sources, the larger our carbon footprint is.
Regardless of what we think about climate change, we will likely believe that our current ways of life, developments across the world, and the expanding human population are affecting the world.
Moreover, there are many ways we can help to reduce carbon footprint releasing in the environment. One of the great cases is how Patagonia has improved above others to sustain the environment. Patagonia is a provider and manufacturer of outdoor equipment. One of the early environmental actions the organization started was the marketing of organically produce cotton. Patagonia made the decision years ago to reduce the environmental harm due to cotton improving when traditional methods are used. Since the company’s products at time used much cotton, this move would be a major step in making the
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