The Effects Of Ending Relationships

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Relationships arise from meeting new people and enjoying their company. Spending time together leads to experiences and memories that make up a friendship. People soon notice that they savor the time spent with the other, and notice how lonely and unentertaining life can be when they are not around. It is a beautiful thing when people fall in love, and heartbreaking when they fall out of love. There are many beginnings to a relationship, but there is only one end.
Loss of trust is a major effect of an ended relationship. The sudden shattering of a foundation built off of love, closeness, and compassion will leave someone on their knees wondering what they did to deserve that pain. It is hard for someone to be able to put all
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Regret is a heavy burden and is inevitable when it comes to emotional disintegration.
Sorrow flows forth from the soul of one experiencing an ending relationship. The loss experienced reaps a new kind of depression, where it feels like part of the body has been ripped from ones hands and thrown into the wind. Anger arises with wings of a phoenix, desperate to replace the tears on ones face with fists in the air and leaves the body breathless on the ground shaking with exhaustion. It is nights of lonely music and cold bed sheets. The internal pain of losing another individual with whom one has shared part of their life with compares to nothing else.
Relationships are a part of life and they are so common that people overlook how special they are. They cause smiles, happiness, and love when everything works perfectly. Everything has an end though, and ending relationships with others leads to loss of trust, regret, and sorrow. It takes a huge toll on the body and mind and leaves one drained. While relationships are worthwhile, the effects it has are astounding and intense, and must be taken into consideration at all
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