The Effects Of Feedback On Learning Essay

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The Effects of Feedback on Learning
Choo Jun Jie
James Cook University Singapore

PY1102 – Exploring Psychology 2
Dr Aoife McLoughlin
Bachelor of Psychology
13 April 2015 Introduction
Feedback is an important construct found within many theories of learning and in instruction, where information is provided to learners after each trials or group of trials, in response to their movement patterns and facilitates their learning process (Schmidt & Lee, 2011). A learning activity accompanied by feedback can maintain or adapt cognitive operations according to how new information about performance matches the learner 's expectations about performance (Bangert-Drowns, Kulik, Kulik, & Morgan, 1991). The person on the receiving end of a feedback session is able to gain knowledge of the quality and the results of their performance through the person giving the feedback (Salmoni, Schmidt & Walter, 1984; Schmidt & Wrisberg, 2004). Research has shown that the type of feedback provided has influences in the process of learning, which are no feedback, partial feedback and full feedback respectively (Grant, McAvoy & Keenan, 1982). Research about the presence of no feedback in experimental settings has shown that the lack of information allows assumptions to be made during the process of learning, which tends to lead to higher risk of error (Levine, Leitenberg & Richter, 1964; Rimm, Roesch, Perry, & Peebles, 1971). In a study conducted by Hanna (1976) which explores
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