The Effects Of Piracy On The Business Of Music And Film

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Music and films are bought and meant to be bought to be enjoyed by the general public, not to be stolen and used for a profit when it is not their right to do so. Piracy has been a big factor of illegal actions that occur through. Piracy, unfortunately, has been happening for years now. People pirate movies and music and give it out to the public to use. While it is cheaper to get than the regular prices of the product, it affects the business of music and film. People tend to do this in a way that will benefit the public by selling the product for a cheap price or posting it on a file-sharing site for others to get it for free. Some think it is beneficial, but others think this is just pure piracy by those who use the internet to do this. …show more content…

There are internet service providers that are helping in the fight against internet pirates. However, there are also service providers that are helping in the fight that do not enforce the antipiracy rules enough and that allows the pirates to continue on with piracy. The problem is that internet piracy has been around for quite a while. “Still, in the eyes of the industry, illegal downloads remain a lingering problem. According to the RIAA, since Napster emerged in 1999, music sales in the U.S. have fallen 53%, from $14.6 billion in 1999 to $7 billion in 2013” (Jones 1). The problem has been around since the late 1990s and has since then evolved more with more torrent sites being created and giving people opportunities for free music or free movies. This has caused a problem with many people in the music and film industries. The music industry has suffered more from internet piracy with internet pirates constantly posting music on torrent sites that allows most users to download them for free. This causes music sales to go down and this causes the music industry to lose more money than they could have gained if everybody bought their music. Consider piracy of music and giving it away for free a way of theft. Bootlegging is robbing music sales as well as people do buy pirated albums as wells. This just goes to show the problem with piracy is getting bigger. Piracy has grown to be a

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