The Effects of Teacher Expectations on Students' Motivation and Performance

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Whether a teacher has high expectations or low expectations for a student, those expectations will influence that student’s experience in school in many ways (Rubie-Davies, 2008). Teacher expectations include the biases and preconceived notions teachers hold on their students which are based upon many factors including student behavior, self-esteem, performance (observed by teachers and student records) and motivation (Woolfolk, 2012). The present researcher found that the issue at hand lies with the lack of research on teacher awareness; a teacher’s lack of awareness for his/her biases can negatively influence his/her students’ performances and experiences in school. When a teacher is unaware of his or her biases, a teacher is unable to ameliorate the situation. Student performance will be defined as academic achievement and effort in school. When referring to student behavior such will be defined as the actions students perform during the day while at school which may include the way the students interact socially. The motivation of a student refers to the process which instigates goal-oriented behavior which we can study through observing students’ effort in academics (Woolfolk, 2012). All of these factors are important as they influence a…
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