The Emotional Intelligence Test, Decision Making

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Leadership style is significant in creating organizational success and being an effective leader. A person’s leadership style is dependent upon a variety of circumstances such as, biases, decision-making abilities, situation, environment, culture, gender, emotional intelligence, and personality. Effective leadership can induce process improvement and performance, maintain a viable gain, and is a strong foundation for organizational development (Jing, & Avery, 2016). Research suggests that leadership style and high levels of emotional intelligence is positively associated with employee performance and organizational success (San Lam & O 'Higgins, 2012). To develop one’s personal leadership style, it is important to be introspective. This…show more content…
The PEDW individual weaknesses include having a weak understanding and acceptance of their emotions and personality, no self-awareness, struggles with immediate emotions, does not easily deal with conflict, and rarely tries to reach higher goals than ones initially set up.
Decision-Making Assessment The MindTools Decision-Making assessment results: 59, decision-making process is OK. There is good understanding of the basics of decision-making, but there is a need for process improvement, increase ability to be more proactive, and development of a decision-making system that will work for a variety of situations. The quiz was based on six essential decision-making steps: establishing a positive decision-making environment, generating potential solutions, evaluating the solutions, deciding, checking the decision, and communicating and implementing. In order to develop and increase decision-making success, each step must be evaluated for specific areas to improve skills and knowledge.
Establishing a Positive Decision-Making Environment The score for this step was 65%. In this stage, everyone must correctly identify and understand the issue at hand, establish the common goal, and have agreement upon the method to implement the decision. The environment must be free of interpersonal issues, create ground rules for respect, honesty, and openness. Last, assure all necessary stakeholders are
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