The Ethical Dilemmas Of Workplace Bullying In Nursing

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Becoming Influential The nursing profession is not suited for everyone as nurses work within a multidimensional profession reliant on the skills of critical thinking, clinical skills, effective communication, and collaboration with others (Sullivan, 2013). A common occurrence in nursing is workplace bullying (WPB) which effects the targeted person, but can also have adverse effects on patients, bystanders and other staff members. According to Blackstock, Harlos, and Hardy (2015) “Workplace bullying refers to repeated behaviors by organizational members that are offensive, often escalating in intensity with a perceived intent to harm” (p.1107). The purpose of this paper is to highlight the issues behind WPB in the nursing profession. I will explain how I decided on my attended message of WPB, who and how I will convey my message, and a detailed summary of my personal learning about how I can become more influential in the nursing profession. Deciding on My Message During my employment as a LPN in a rural hospital, over the past 10 years I have witnessed several episodes related to the ethical dilemma of WPB. WPB can stimulate numerous emotions to the targeted person and any witnesses of the negative behavior. Reporting a co-worker or nurse can be stressful and overwhelming, increasing vulnerability to the bully’s further attention and making you a target of their behavior. As a result, this becomes an action-focused problem. This behavior is unacceptable based

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