The Ever-changing World of Healthcare Essay

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Healthcare is a dynamic, ever-changing environment. The complex circumstances around daily conversations that encompass life-threatening decisions are critical. In order to deliver high quality care, individuals must be able to communicate effectively. In the perfect world of communication, everyone receives the exact same information and is able to respond the exact same way. Unfortunately, communication breakdown is a prevalent issue among hospitals. On any given day of the hospital arena, multiple interactions take place. Some of the dialogue is planned, and some is not. While hospital departments are living in different silos within the same organization, the cultures may vary among the employees. Hospital leadership fosters …show more content…

By not having the daily face-to face-meetings, we are left with frustrated employees feeling worthless, therefore, making careless mistakes. By creating an unproductive environment leads to poor work culture. The chances for errors in patient care are increased when communication patterns are lost. Not having face-to-face daily meetings also affects the entire organization. If daily rounds are not held as expected, confusion among the team members can occur. Trust among the multidisciplinary teams can become compromised. The message delivered to the patient and family member may represent a misperception, whereby, resulting in negative patient satisfaction scores. Dissatisfied employees in the organization down play the importance of work culture. Low morale in employees causes a disconnect between managers, coworkers and the company. The problems associated with low morale leads to inefficiencies in the workplace. Employees feel overworked, underpaid and unappreciated. Frustrated staff turns to unnecessary absenteeism, the inability to complete job duties and disrupts others causing an unproductive environment. By addressing the effects of low morale on the front end helps the company become productive on the back end. Low morale negatively affects the entire organization on many levels. Ineffective communication leads to poor performance, dissatisfied employees and unhappy patients. If managers are not fully engaged in supporting

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