Professional Presence and Influence

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Professional Presence and Influence YOT Task 1 Hellen C. Adebowale Models of Health and Healing Two of the three models of health and healing discussed by Dossey (1999) were Era II Body/Mind Model of the 1950s and Era III Body/Mind/Spirit Model of the 1990s. According to Dossey (1999), post World War II the Medical Doctors noticed that there was proof that the functioning of the human body can be affected by other factors such as stress and emotions which, can lead to diseases such as ulcers and high blood pressure. This model brought to light the realization that treating the human body is complex because when the physical body is not well the mentation of the patient is affected resulting in exacerbation of other …show more content…

I spoke with the family and arranged for him to have video call his son so that he can see and talk to his granddaughter. This helped the patient’s willingness to participate in activities of daily living and reenergized him. Influence on Nursing Practice I consider my professional presence as mindful because despite the fact that my role as an acute care leader involves some administrative functions, it also involves directing the functioning of the staff, activities and services, care and labor of the department. This includes Implementing standards of practice, interpreting system and department policies and procedures and ensuring quality patient care and compliance with regulatory and legal requirements. The biggest distractions as an acute care leader that impacts my work are numerous administrative meetings; they tend to take up most of my daily schedule leaving me with little time to talk to the patients. To alleviate this challenge I have allocated time on my daily calendar to participate in bedside inter-disciplinary and leader rounding on the unit with the team to discuss patient plan of care with other healthcare teams, patient and family. This time allocation enables me to have designated time dedicated to making sure the patient receives my professional presence that supports

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