The Evolution Of Golf By Arnold Palmer

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The Evolution of Golf Everyone has heard of Arnold Palmer, how about Jack Nicklaus? Even though he has won twice as many majors and ten more PGA Tour wins no one has heard of him outside the golf world. Is it because he didn’t do much outside of golf or was Arnold just around a couple years before him to catch the stardom first? Or is it because he was a golfer and no no one watches the golf tournaments? So why is golf so overlooked in the modern world compared to other sports. Golf’s tv ratings are lower now than they have been in the last fifteen years but people still stay the sport is in a very healthy position. There is a very long and rich history in golf that dates back to the 15th century. The game of golf as we know it dates…show more content…
After this tournament, golf started to grow in America, when, in 1896 The United States Golf Association, or the USGA was invented. This helped golf in America because they started to have tournaments for players; however, in 1916 the PGA of America was invented for professional golfers. The PGA started to hold many tournaments for professional golfers and gave payed them to play in them to. This exploded into the PGA Tour and LPGA Tour and they now hold over 80 tournaments a year for professional players to participate in. These tournaments include four majors which the best players in the world compete in. The four majors are called The Masters, The U.S. Open, The British Open, and The PGA Championship. The Masters started in 1931 when Bobby Jones retired from golf and joined Clifford Roberts and designed the course on a piece of land 365 acres in size. They completed the course in 1932 and held the first Augusta National Invitation Tournament was held in
(Sergio) 1934. Later on in the 30’s it became a regular stop for the PGA Tour players. However even with it being a regular stop it wasn’t considered a major until Dwight D. Eisenhower played their a lot and it had some of the best players playing their every year they could. It was also the first golf tournament televised which was a huge stepping stone in golf and the evolution of the sport. This tournament has became one of the most
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