The Factors of Development in Children

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When most people look at children they think they are all the same. That every child learns and thinks the same, but thats not the case. Children are all different. Their is not one child out there that is the same as another, not even twins. They are all different because of the way their Physical, Cognative, and Social/ emotional developments develop. Physical development is the change in the body such as growth, movement, and the way they percieve the environment. Cognative development is the mental process in a child; whereas Social and emotional development are the ways children handle relationships and undersatnd their own feelings.The way these things develop are based on the way the child is brought up. Every little thing affects it. Some things that have a big impact on a child's development are enviorment, nutrition, and family. The enviorment that a child grows up in has a huge impact on their development. When they are raised in other countries, such as France, Germany, and so on, they are learning their language but they also are taught English. This is great because being that they know english they can comunicate with just about anyone. Americans have it hard because we do not learn foreign languages until middle school and by then it is really hard to get the hang of it and really master it. It is easier to learn other languages when we are younger because children do most of their learning in their preschool years and younger. Children who live in
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