The Fair Street Ib World School Vision

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Vision Statement The Fair Street IB World School vision of technology is to support our culture of thinking critically, acting compassionately, working meaningfully, choosing wisely, and living joyfully by providing access to technology that empower and educate students. Our vision is to inspire, nurture, challenge, and prepare our students to maximize technology to positively impact student achievement as we educate them to be successful in a 21st century global society. All members of the school community will utilize technology to streamline communications, enhance academic growth, and expand curriculum beyond physical boundaries. Rationale This plan is intended to guide technological development at Fair Street IB World School for the next three years. It will support teaching and learning as directly referenced in the Fair Street IB World School mission, the IB Learner Profile, and the ISTE Standards. We will create technology-rich classroom environments by providing staff, students and the school community training in all areas of technology. The vision is also supported by current research-based best practices of instruction, which are reflected by Creighton (2003) in which integrating effective technology will increase analyzing, interpreting, predicting, and synthesizing skills that require students to make connections, delve deeply into texts and contexts, and create new understanding (p. 50). Data surveys suggests that professional development is where
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