The First Leadership Style That I Chose Is The Team Leadership.

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The first leadership style that I chose is the Team Leadership. I think that team leadership is a great style to use for management because everything is stronger when it is pulled together. Strong team leaders can motivate and guide your business teams so they complete tasks and make decisions effectively. Whether the team chooses its leader or you appoint one, no single leadership approach guarantees success. A team that does well with a strong leader may fail under the guidance of someone with a less effective leadership style( ). This is like the example of Navy Seal B.U.D.S. training. The Seal’s are broken down into different team for small boats based on size. …show more content…

Individuals that are successful might be terrible teammates because they could not get along with people or only worry about their needs and not those of the team. A good leader will go a long way with a good team but a bad leader will cause a good team to fall apart. Benchmark your team attributes, such as trust and communication, and understand unique team dynamics as they evolve.( The teams mentality can be great when starting but if the leaders mentality is not that of teamwork or success because they are disgruntled or are no longer success driven then the team will ultimately become demoralized and their performance will take a huge impact. There is also a huge difference between a boss and a leader. Having a boss that sits back and tells people what to do without demonstrating the same work ethic is terminal for a team. A leader will be able to come in and explain to the team what they are expecting from them and then they will show them in their work ethic. With the team leadership style, having veteran will also be beneficial because they will be able to assist in leading the team. Veteran employees will bring to the table new and old knowledge. Mixing veteran with younger or newer employees will bring knowledge and leadership to a group of educated and motivated team members. Often times, companies will overlook the ability and benefit of using

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