The Five Major Project Fundamentals Essay

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1. The five major project fundamentals are: ¥ Project initiation: Identifying problems, or opportunities for improvement with the present system and selecting the project(s). ¥ Determining project feasibility: Determining if the project has technical, economic and operational feasibility. ¥ Activity planning and control: Planning and control includes estimating the time required for each activity, scheduling and expediting certain activities if they seem to be bottlenecks. ¥ Project scheduling: Using tools like PERT and Gantt chart to schedule activities. ¥ Managing systems analysis team members: This includes managing the team selected for the project, effectively and accurately communicating the requirements and sharing information, setting goals and motivating the team to achieve those goals. 2. Three ways to find out about problems or opportunities that might call for a systems solution: i) Checking output against set performance criteria: high number of errors, incomplete, incorrect work or work not done etc. ii) Observing the behavior of employees – absenteeism, high turnover, low job satisfaction iii) Listening to feedback from external vendors, suppliers and customers 3. The five criteria for systems project selection: i) The project should have backing from the management as it is the only way that the project will get enough attention in terms of the funding and resources required. ii) The organization can commit its time in the installation of new systems or
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