The Forces Driving An Organization

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What are the forces driving an organization to shift to analytics and be known as an analytical competitor? Analytics is when a particular organization uses large amount of data, predictive modeling, fact-based management, statistical analysis, quantitative analysis, and explanatory reasons in order to drive their business decisions and actions successfully (Harris 12). When an organization is trying to be analytically competitive, they are using analytics systematically and extensively to think outside the box to perform an execution to compete against other businesses.

Today, organizations want more use of their talent and experience. To help them, analytics is used to manage their business performance, processes, strategy and key business decisions to analyze and predict their future using intensive amount of clean data. A few competitive strategies organizations use today involve optimization of key business processes. They might have few distinctive capabilities on which they base their strategies on and apply key decisions based on an approach called “information-based strategy.”

Let’s take an organization called Amazon; Amazon is an American electronic commerce founded in 1994 by Jeff Bezos. Today it is the largest and most valuable online retailer. Not only does Amazon apply the features mentioned above, they dominate their field by deploying industrial-strength analytics through many different divisions and activities. Organizations like Amazon are competing on…
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