The Four Groups Of Vgetarians, Vegans, Semi-Vegetarian

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There are four groups of vegetarians, Vegans, Lacto vegetarians, Lacto-ovo vegetarians, and Semi-vegetarians. Vegans eat only plant foods; they eliminate all animal and animal products from their diets. Lacto vegetarians allow dairy products, but remove meat and egg products from their diets. Lacto-ovo vegetarians, unlike Lacto vegetarians, include eggs into their diets, as well as dairy products, but exclude all meat products. In contrast to the other groupings, Semi-vegetarians do eat some meats. Their diets include white meats and seafood along with dairy and egg products, they do however; omit red meats from their diets (Bellows, n.d.).
While my diet does not fit into any of the four vegetarian groups, if asked to try one of these diets,
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