The Gold Mine By Freedy And Michael Balle

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The lean thinking has been established in a well manner in the competitive world. The countless business industries have proved their effective growth in terms of brand recognition and in terms of the good profit amount with the effective application of the lean production system in their operational activities. Toyota has added their name in the application of the lean thinking in their production process first in the global competitive market. The book “the Gold mine” written by Freedy and Michael Balle is a definite attempt to highlight the challenges that the leaders are facing in the perfect transformation of the lean thinking in their operational activities. This essay has discusses the direct connection between the content the …show more content…

The third theme is “to identify the process and place that are producing the waste in the organization”. As per the theme, it is required to judge the factors of overproduction is taking place from the aspect of the customer’s demand, whether the unnecessary processing is taking place, the proper monitoring of the production process is not maintaining, and whether to wait for the operators or not (Ballé and Ballé). The fourth chapter is titled “Standardize Work.” The theme is “to identify how the work is well defined and how the effective team effort is exerted on the maintenance of the same repetitive work in sequence”. Thus, the standardization and the effort towards lean production is important (Ballé and Ballé). This fifth chapter is titled with “It’s all about people”. The theme is to “identify the whether the supervisors are truly involved with the work standards and daily basis floor improvement”. Thus, the efficiency of the supervisors in implementing the lean application is important. The sixth chapter is titled “Level To Pull” which is “to identify whether the work flow is regulated as per the demand of the customers.” The balance of the work follow the market demand which is justified by the theme application (Ballé and Ballé). The seventh chapter is titles with “Kanban Rules”. The theme is “to identify whether the team using the lean production process is familiar with basic rules of Kanban”. Lean production is used to reduce the idle

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